The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support has compiled and updated the Educational Specifications and Standards for Facilities: Program Equipment List.  The purpose of the List is to assist planners and schools in determining needs within the classroom or instructional setting.

The List includes the following:

  1. Descriptions of the items, the recommended life under normal usage, and per unit costs as of April 2006 (and therefore subject to change);
  2. Recommended ratios for equipment acquisition, i.e., the number of equipment units per specified base (classroom, department, grade level, laboratory, shop, school, etc.); and
  3.  A general classroom equipment list and individual program lists (special/support classrooms) as appropriate.

It should be noted that there is another furniture and equipment listing included within the "Ed Specs" documents as well.  The lists, however, are not synonymous.  While there is a relationship, the listing of furniture and equipment in the "Ed Specs" is intended for architectural planning, design, and central or contractor purchase and/or installation.

In addition, while there are many more pieces of equipment which would be desirable for enhancing learning activities and instruction, this Program Equipment List includes only those items viewed as basic or essential and without which the implementation of sound instructional programs would be difficult.



Click to download the Program Equipment List (.xls):

program equipment list

Revised September 2007
Updated January 2008

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One of three types:   Support facility, general classroom, and special classroom.

P = Preschool
E = Elementary
I =  Intermediate
H = High School

The program or subject area and subprogram area if applicable.

Item and Description: 
The name of the item, and other details (e.g., size, other specifications) as appropriate.

The base on which the equipment ratio is calculated.  For example, if "classroom" is the base and the ratio is 1:2, this means that one item is recommended for every two classrooms.

The recommended number of items per base unit.  Schools may purchase additional items as schools funds allow.

The recommended life under normal usage.

Unit Cost:
The recommended per unit cost as of April 2007.

Updated January 2008